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28 aprile // chiusura di stagione con la Preview della Rottura Del Silenzio #21// live: SANNHET (Usa, Profound Lore Rec) + Sum Of R (Ch) + Selva + Kint

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PREVIEW Rottura Del Silenzio Fest
Sannhet (Usa - Profound Lore Rec)
(instrumental shoegazing-postrock/post-metal)
Sum Of R (Ch)
(postpunk/noise/blues distortissimo)
(black metal/ postrock/screamo)

Apertura porte: 21:00
Inizio concerti: 22:00
Ingresso: 7 eu + tessera ekidna (che è gratuita)

| Al cane i volumi alti non piacciono, quindi lo lasci a casa |
Associazione Ekidna
via Livorno 9, San Martino Secchia di Carpi (Mo)
Twitter: @sannhetbk
Instagram: @sannhetbk
“Salts” Music Video -


The cover of Sannhet’s third album, So Numb, features a mother shielding her son’s eyes with her hands - an allegory depicting the protection one receives from their parents, but it isn’t meant to be sentimental. As the mother shelters her child, she inadvertently creates a false sense of safety. The child, in turn, spends it's life seeking comfort and escape in temporary solutions.

Though Sannhet meditate on life’s imperfect escapes, So Numb’s nine songs showcase the band facing life’s pain and joy with their eyes wide open. The collection’s emotional landscape is one of existential dread, melancholy, and loss - ammunition for escapists. Despite these existential conundrums, So Numb has an uplifting, euphoric feel.

The collection was recorded and produced by Peter Katis, who’s known for his work with Mercury Rev, Interpol, the National, and Oneida among others. Working with Katis, the production illuminates a more open sound for the band. While Sannhet’s second album, 2015’s Revisionist, was bigger and harsher than their 2013 debut, Known Flood, they offer a more wistful, melodic approach here.

The first track, “Indigo Illusion,” opens with Christopher Todd’s eviscerating, but anchoring drums locked in with AJ Annunziata’s driving bass and John Refano’s clamoring, unexpectedly coaxing guitar melodies—the song, a muscular anthem that mixes feedback and space, ends up sounding like a million crystals shattering in a dark room. Alternately, the heavier, more solemn and cavernous “Fernbeds” finds added pathos from guest guitar leads by one-man shoegaze-metal artist, Planning for Burial’s Thom Wasluck.

As on past Sannhet albums, the song titles are evocative (“Sapphire,” the churning “Sleep Well,” “Fernbeds,” “Way Out”), but not prescriptive. By the time you’ve gotten to the drifting, airy “Salts,” it’s clear Sannhet has become a more patient, painterly band. The collection ends with the massive “Sleep Well” followed by the eerie, ambient “Wind Up.” Those two songs offer a good example of what the band does well: moving between extremes to create a dynamic that feels both climactic and anticipatory, dramatic and comfortably calm.

Sannhet have always been hard to classify. Since 2010, the Brooklyn trio’s played instrumental music that’s heavy and light, cinematic and intimate, dense but minimal. You could call them “post” something, “experimental metal,” or “math rock,” but none of that’s quite right and the band has thrown another wrinkle into the mix with So Numb. While they don’t write lyrics, they do write subtexts. They pen love letters, extended epistles, and suicide notes, all without words. With So Numb, Sannhet create a new world out of very few ingredients.
Sum Of R
Switzerland's Sum Of R exists since 2008 and was created by Reto Mäder (URAL UMBO, RM74) to construct/deconstruct sound in ways that infest and cloud the interior of the mind. Sum Of R creates slow moving instrumental music with a sensibility for hypnotic and complex song structures.
Their intense and pulsating sound is influenced by lumbering doom, drone, post-metal, ambient, noiserock, psychedelic and cinematic post-rock. Sum Of R’s ritualistic take on expanding sound layers is deepened by the rawness of an unconventional metal atmosphere plunged into darkness, light and its reflection.
Their live performances as a duo are characterized by a cyclical process involving bass guitars, drums, effects, samples and drones to create a unique and dense whole which is more than the sum of its parts.

Sum Of R has played concerts with Amenra (BE), Wolvserpent (USA), Oozing Wound (USA), Asva (USA), Oathbreaker (BE), Wolves In The Throne Room (USA), Corrupted (JP), Pelican (USA), Puma (NOR), Siberian (SWE), Dead Neanderthals (NL), Killl (NOR) a.o.
The band toured in Europe in June 2016 together with Aluk Todolo (France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech republic, Poland, Hungary). Sum Of R also played festival gigs at "Funkenflug" (2016, Abtenau, AUS), "Atmosphaera" (2015, Ghent, BE), "Radau gegen HIV" (2014, Lünen, GER), "Swiss Psych Fest" (2014, Yverdon-les-Bains, SUI), "Utech Records Music Festival II" (2013, Milwaukee, USA), "Saint Ghetto" (2012, Bern, SUI), "Experimental Evening V" (2012, Bochum, GER) and "LUFF" (2008, Lausanne, SUI).

Sum of R's self-titled debut album was released in 2008 on Milwaukee-based independent label Utech Records (Home of Locrian, Aluk Todolo, Horseback, Nadja, James Plotkin, Mamiffer, House of Low Culture). Following 2012 EP "Ride out the Waves" on Italian label Storm As He Walks and contributions on two compilations alongside bands like Sonic Youth, Sunn O))), Carla Bozulich, Master Musicians Of Bukakke, Menace Ruine, Aluk Todolo; Sum of R's second full-length "Lights on Water" has been released in December 2013 on Utech Records and self-released in February 2014.

Reto Mäder: Guitar, drones, effects
Fabio Costa: Drums, percussion, effects

- Sum Of R "Lights On Water" / LP & CD, 2013/14, Utech Records (USA) & Sum Of R (SUI) URLP085, URCD085/SUM01
- Sum Of R "Sum Of R" / CD, 2008, Utech Records (USA) URCD025
- Sum Of R "Ride Out The Waves" / LP, 2012, A Storm As He Walks Records (IT) SAHW001
- V.A "Black Mass Rising" / 3x LP, 2012, Black Mass Rising (FR) BMR 2
- V.A "Does Your Cat Know My Dog?" / LP, 2010, Three:four Records (SUI) TFR004
Con membri di Redline Season e The Death Of Anna Karina. 
Mix letale di blues, post-punk, loop sballati e noise
L'08 dicembre è uscito il loro primo ep "B-Side" per To Lose La Track. In primavera è atteso il loro primo full-length.
selva sono un progetto nato nel settembre del 2013 e fondato da Tommy (batteria), Gino (basso/voce) e Ale (chitarra/voce), tutti provenienti da altri gruppi della scena hardcore del nord Italia.
Il diverso background musicale, le influenze, l' emotività e l' impulsività di ogni membro hanno contribuito a creare un suono che spazia dal post/black-metal allo screamo, passando per il post-rock.

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