mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

15 gen: Ink& Dagger cancellati. CONFERMATI The Death Of Anna Karina, Rue De Van Gogh e Redline Season

regaz, brutta notizia! gli INK&DAGGER hanno cancellato la seconda parte del tour,quindi sabato sera non ci saranno.
CONFERMATISSIMI,invece, THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA, RUE DE VAN GOGH e REDLINE SEASON, quindi venite lo stesso perchè la serata è e resta una bomba!
qui di seguito la mail che ci è arrivata annunciandoci che gli Ink&Dagger hanno annullato il tour. mannaggia.

"hi all,

...I have to inform you all that I have to cancel the rest of the planned ink & dagger shows. the band´s currently stuck in London waiting for the flights to get changed and to go back to the US.
they have played seven out of the 14 shows so far and all was good until the day after the last UK show (yesterday). the band´s drummer gone missing and no one actually knows where he went. He took all of his belongings incl. cymbals, snare, personal stuff and left the band early Monday morning without letting anyone know whats going on and where he will go. we all assume he took a bus to London Heathrow and flew back home.

the band and I are all shocked and cant believe whats going on."

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